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Ray's River Dories would like to add any comments and pictures of boats that have been built from our kits to this site. Any feedback on your experience working with us and our kits or boats is welcome.
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The 17 Rogue kit shown below was built by Michael Schlax.

(click on each small image for enlarged photo.)
rogue kitrogue kit
The email letter that accompanied the photos above:

Hi Ray,
I built this 17' Rogue a couple of years ago. Just got off of two low water Rogue River trips and wanted to finally send you a letter to tell you how much I love this boat. I am not a fisherman, but built it purely for running whitewater. It is simply wonderful. I am always amazed by how well it handles and how tough it is. I use this boat on the North Umpqua (the pictures attached are in Pinball, class IV) and the Upper McKenzie all the time and it is a joy to row. In the course of these runs (and on this recent very rocky Rogue trip) I have had some pretty hard hits, and the boat just takes it. In spite of the fact that this was my first woodworking project of any kind, the kit went together easily and turned out beautifully. In every group that I went by last week, at least one person would stop and say "Beautiful boat, did you build it?" (my favorite question). Thanks for allowing me to make such a great boat!

Michael Schlax

bob plimpton spotted owl guidebob plimpton spotted owl guide
Bob Plimpton of Spotted Owl Guide Service
at the Oregon River Games 2004, Clackamas River
Hank and Kathy McCurdy of Jackson Wyoming enjoying their 17 Rogue. Picture is courtesy of their Christmas card. Nice!
MAY 2008
Dear Ray and Cy:
I want to thank you for your wonderful kits and comment on them. They are well thought out and brilliantly designed showing years of insightful experience. From a distance they're plywood drift boats, but close inspection, especially from building the kits, reveals many interesting wrinkles not readily apparent such as the rake of the stem, bottom straightness amidships, careful attention to frame bevels, easy removal of deck and floorboards for cleaning and maintenance, and overall utilitarian, not frilly, beauty.

The materials you have selected for your boats are first class. You use the right woods in the right places and are logical and uncompromising in your choice of fasteners, marine hardware, adhesives, and coatings. Your directions are very clear and unambiguous. I am a retired teacher and average do-it-yourselfer, yet by following your instructions carefully I have assembled serviceable boats that many people have said are too beautiful to put in the water. Beyond your excellent manual, your support and encouragement when I've had questions have been useful and welcome. I especially appreciate your tips on little details like varnish formulas, or use of epoxy additives that you've given me.

On the rivers, the boats are sheer pleasure. I rowed a 16' Lavro for many years and it is a fine, durable boat. Your wooden dories are lighter, quicker, and plenty tough themselves. They are nimble in bony and technical water, capable in big drops and wave-trains, and track beautifully in the flat sections. The adjustable seats make the boats easy to trim to accommodate different loads and the graphite bottoms deal effectively with the odd "sleeper rocks" that I invariably hit in smaller streams.

Last week on the McKenzie I loaned my Woodie Hindman 17 to a young, hotdog boater who immediately had the boat surfing waves--perhaps a sign of part of the future of wooden river boats. In a sentence: your kit boats are a blast to build and a great pleasure to use.

Thanks, Grey Elliot
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