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Ray's River Dories would like to add any comments and pictures of boats that have been built from our kits to this site. Any feedback on your experience working with us and our kits or boats is welcome.
If you would like to send in information to this site please email or call:
Cyrus Happy
Phone: 503-244-3608
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The email letter that accompanied the photos in the link above:

Hi Ray,
Separately, I've sent you some pictures of my boats in the water.  The ones I like the best are those of the Woodie Hindman on the Lower Salmon which we ran last October.  It was a low water trip, but the water was, by my standards at least, pretty big.  The boat was a regular cork, taking on about four gallons in both Snow Hole and Bodacious Bounce.  She stayed dry the rest of the trip although China Creek, The Eye of the Needle, and a wicked unnamed 2 after Slide were pretty gnarly.  I had a similar experience on the Deschutes, getting slapped in the wave train at the end of Wildhorse, but otherwise dry as a bone. The Ray's Double Ender is very comparable to the Woddie Hindman:  nimble, dry, and a delight to row.  She can carry alot of weght and still be very quick.  The pictures of her on the Grande Ronde show her loaded with two adults, three dogs, and gear for a two-night trip.  The shot of the R-18 are winter and summer.  The day the winter picture was taken in snowed the entire day.  At one point we had almost a foot of new snow in the boat, about as much water as she has ever taken on.

Last week Tina suggested that I try Craig's List.  Fifteen minutes later I had spent $1350 and had scored a Mac 16 from a nice guy named Mike in Clackamas.  He said that it was the tenth boat you built. It's in great shape and I can't wait to give it a go.  I have a bunch of questions for you, but I'll save them for later. 

We bought the place next door.  I has a nice house in a park-like setting with lots of Ponderosas and we're not renting it.  Think about staying there when you visit your friends in Walla Walla.

Cheers!  Grey

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