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Sawyer oars
Oarstops , Oar locks & Anchor
Underfloor Anchor release system
Anchor release systems
Seat Cushions
(sold in cream color only)


Trailers are not yet available- coming soon.

model and price : $Call


Sawyer oars:
8' 6" (finished, wrapped & stopped)
9’ (finished, wrapped & stopped)
All Sawyer Light Oars are wrapped & stopped.

Sitka Spruce oars:

Oar locks: American Welded Super Strong

Anchor release systems:
Dierks bow anchor release
Dierks transom anchor release
Bo's underfloor release system

#5 solid braid, for oar wraps
3/8" braided nylon, for anchor

Seat cushions:
Boat covers and seat cushions are custom made to order.
Sold in cream color only (picture to left displayed in green for better contrast. Prices will vary.

We keep in stock every component used in the construction of our boats, including epoxy products, fasteners, caulks, marine paint, varnish and oil to help you with any project. Call for stock information at : 503.244.3608

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