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Ray (above) and Cy (below)
at work testing river boats


Our shop is a dusty, noisy, 2,000 square foot building in the little community of Multnomah in Southwest Portland. We have been in business since 1975 and in our present location since 1992. We are usually busy, with up to four projects under way at once. If you drop in you might see several boats in various stages of construction.

Ray Heater grew up on the Oregon coast. His family has been involved in the wood products industry since the turn of the century. He has been boating coastal rivers since the 50's and has firsthand experience about what makes a boat work. Ray is an extraordinary woodworker and can turn a functional work boat into a thing of beauty.

Cyrus Happy grew up on the lakes around Puget Sound and also has boating in his blood. He started his fishing career in an old cedar planked boat, much the same as the original McKenzie boats. A Deschutes River guide since 1980, he has owned all types of river boats.

Cy and Ray teamed up in 1988, when Cy decided that life was too short to spend any more river time in anything but a wood boat. Cy was in the acoustic instrument construction and repair business in the '70's and brought his unique skill to the boat shop. Between the two of them, Cy and Ray have brought the boat selection and designs to what they are today. Ray and Cy incorporated in 1995 under the name Woodrow, Inc. but are still known as Ray's River Dories.

We have repaired or maintained most professional boat builders' designs, as well as many of the "home-builts". Our experience in repair work has given us a vast knowledge about the wooden river drift boat. As a result of this knowledge we are able to offer a superior boat and kit product when compared to other builders' efforts. We are the only full time professional wood drift boat builders in existence today.

We can be reached by phone, email or US Mail
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