Why A Wooden Boat

Why A Wooden Boat

Handling & Durability

There are many misconceptions about wooden drift boats and how they compare to boats made of other materials like aluminum and fiberglass. First and foremost, wooden drift boats are light, fast, tough, maneuverable and a pleasure to row. They handle well in all types of water and when they do come up against an obstruction, they flex and take on impact. Due to its pliability, wooden boats absorb shocks and vibrations resulting in a quieter overall ride. They are extremely capable and stable when taking on large drops and wave trains and track beautifully in flat water.


For repairs, wooden boats are generally easier and cheaper to repair than other materials like aluminum and fiberglass. In fact, most boat owners have the available tools and skills to take on minor repairs and general upkeep in their own home shop. Wood is relatively easy to maintain and it lasts for generations. Wood’s strength to weight ratio rates high and it’s naturally buoyant. Even heavy wood species float well. Wood insulates against heat, cold and noise. 

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