We have a rich history of combining expert craftsmanship with in-depth river knowledge to deliver the finest in water-ready boats in the Pacific Northwest.

By pairing the finest materials available with carefully selected components, our custom built-to-order wooden drift boats and kits deliver timeless quality that lasts for generations on the water.

Our Legacy-grade boats and kits include marine grade Sapele African Mahogany plywood panels, clear Douglas Fir framing, Sapele Mahogany bow stem knees, oarlock blocks, and trim, gunwales, chines, and chine caps. Additionally, we offer a Standard-grade option for both boats and kits that includes a more cost-effective choice of wood, with the same attention to detail and quality throughout. 

Our fasteners are either stainless steel or silicon bronze, depending on their application. We use TotalBoat epoxy products for gluing and for coating under paint or varnish. Boat interiors are oiled with teak oil. All boat bottoms are coated with epoxy, fiberglass cloth and graphite for stiffness, durability, and slickness. For shop-built boats we also offer Canacore bottoms, featuring both fiberglass and graphite, to help shed weight and aid in buoyancy. 

Available in 5 different designs—Rogue Drifter, McKenzie Drifter, Willamette River Skiff, Ocean Dory and River Pram—across a wide range of lengths, a Ray’s River Dory can be configured for any of your ocean and river pursuits.  

I have rowed and driven my three Ray’s River Dories all over the PNW for the past 20 years. They are light-weight, durable, all-conditions boats that handle everything from saltwater to Class IV whitewater. But most importantly, they do it in style. The craftsmanship is amazing, the fit and finish unmatched in my experience. My dories are among my favorite possessions and I give them my highest recommendation.

-Danny McGinley
Lake Oswego, Oregon

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