Simple. Practical. Beautiful.

Our boats and kits are custom built to order, with painstaking attention to detail. Each component Is carefully selected for its specific function, and we use the finest materials available.

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Our standard boat and kits include: marine grade Sapele African Mahogany plywood panels, clear Douglas Fir framing, Honduras Mahogany bow stem knees, oarlock blocks, and trim, gunwales, chines and chine caps.

Fasteners are either stainless steel or silicon bronze, depending on their application. We use W.E.S.T. System epoxy products for gluing and for coating under paint or varnish. Boat interiors can be oiled or bright finished with varnish over epoxy. All boat bottoms are coated with epoxy, fiberglass cloth and graphite for stiffness, durability and slickness.