McKenzie Drift Boats

Our McKenzie Drift Boats are about pursuing every possibility—fishing, river-running, hunting—our versatile design can do it all. If you’re thinking of an all-purpose drifter, think Ray’s Mac series of wooden boats.

Mini Mac 12 is the smallest of the McKenzie line. It’s built for one or two people maximum. It  conveniently fits in the bed of a full-sized pickup and can be launched in challenging places that would be impossible for larger boats.

Perfect Mac 14 also famously known as Rapid Robert, is our most versatile wooden drift boat. Even packed with a moderate load, a capable oarsman can easily maneuver the Mac 14 through class III whitewater. It’s built for two individuals with camping gear or for three with light gear.

Mighty Mac 16 is the Perfect Mac 14’s big brother. It can easily handle the same class III whitewater but is capable of carrying a greater load—three people with camping gear or four people with light gear.

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