Rogue Drift Boats

Our Rogue Drift Boats are the boats that come to mind when you think of our big, western, whitewater rivers. They are Northwest classics, quick-handling and highly maneuverable. They’re designed with flared sides and a high stern to ensure a safe, dry, comfortable ride through rough and fast water. Our hull shape evolved over many years of testing and refining for the best possible control in all types of challenging water.

Rogue 14 and 16 are the smallest boats of this style that we offer. They are agile on the water and are ideal for two or three people and light gear. These boats are at home on smaller coastal streams or larger whitewater rivers. They are known as the boats that tamed the big rivers of the West.

Rogue 17 handles similar duties to the Rogue 16, but provides a larger load carrying capacity. The 17 can carry three people and overnight camping gear or four people and light gear. The 17 is available in two widths—52” and 54”. The 54” is slightly wider and can carry a bigger load. Overall, this drifter is the best choice for an oarsman who will have fly casters both fore and aft.

Rogue 18 is for the boater that needs plenty of space to load up people and gear and will be navigating big water. Multi-day trips with a group? The is the ultimate camping boat. 

Rogue 20 is our largest Rogue drift boat, ideal for guide services and large capacity hauling. These special-order boats were specifically designed for our long-time friends at Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures out in Wyoming. 

A Rogue geared up and ready to hit the River.
Rogues are the perfect boat for any and all river adventures.
Rogues ready to hit the Snake River.
A 17×54 out on the water.
A Rogue built by Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures using our plans.
A 20×69 on an early season birding float. Courtesy of Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures.

Rogue Drift Boats

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