How to Buy A Wooden Boat

How to buy a wooden boat

While we do, at times, have new boats available for sale, we generally work individually with buyers to plan their custom Ray’s River Dory boat build. If you’re a prospective buyer, our pricing and spec sheet is the best place to start your journey to compare our boat designs and get our current pricing. After you’ve narrowed your search there are more decisions to be made—anchor systems, wood species, finishing details, paint color, seat configuration, trailers, and oars. 

We’re happy to talk you through these steps to help you design your boat in a way that most suits your intended use. When we connect we’ll let you know our build schedule, our deposit policy, and answer any additional questions. If you’re looking for a Ray’s boat build kit we can discuss both availability and shipping process. Email is the best way to make the first contact and we’ll follow up with a call as soon as we are able. We’re in the shop every day, and while we love to talk wooden boats, we also love to stay focused on building them. 

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