McKenzie Drift Boats

Versatility is the first word that comes to mind when considering all the possibilities with a McKenzie boat. Fishing, river running, motoring, hunting, crabbing or just enjoying a day on the water…these boats can do it all. If there was ever an all-purpose boat, the Mac is the one. 

The Mini Mac 12 is the smallest of the Mac line. It is primarily designed for rowing, ideally with one or two people aboard. You can carry this boat in the bed of a full size pickup and launch it in places not possible with a larger boat. 

The Perfect Mac 14 is possibly our most versatile drift boat. With a capable oarsman and a moderate load, it is highly maneuverable and able to handle class III white water with ease. Recommended capacity: two people and camping gear or three people and light gear. The Mac 14 is as good with a motor as it is with oars. It can reach planing speed with a 7.5 hp motor and two people on board. 

The Might Mac 16 is the big brother of our Perfect Mac 14. It can handle the same class III white water and is capable of carrying a greater load. Recommended capacity: three people and camping gear or four people and light gear. The Mac 16 is as handy to use with an outboard motor as it is with oars.