Stunning and Rare 17’x 54” Ray’s River Dory + Baker trailer

This one is special. This 2006 Ray’s River Dory is in nearly brand-new condition. Maybe 5 days of total use in the boat’s lifetime. Always stored inside. All original paperwork. Hand-built in our shop not a kit. Absolutely no wood rot or problems. The bottom is coated with bulletproof epoxy, fiberglass cloth, and graphite for stiffness, durability, and slickness (no UHMW to be replaced or screws that leak).

This legacy-grade boat is made of marine-grade Sapele African Mahogany plywood panels, clear Douglas Fir framing, Sapele Mahogany bow stem knees, oarlock blocks, and trim, gunwales, chines, and chine caps. Fastened with stainless steel and West System epoxy products for gluing and for coating under paint and varnish. The interior is oiled with teak oil.

Sold as a full package. The components are:

·         17’ x 54” top-grade Ray’s River Dory wood drift boat / Sapele African Mahogany.

·         Galvanized Baker drift boat trailer with stand; recent updates to trailer include repacked bearings, greased axel, and new high-end tires from Les Schwab.

·         Sawyer Dynalite wood oars (x 3) — 9 ft.

·         New Carver drift boat cover (red).

·         Sawyer brass oar locks (2).

·         Extra set of oar blocks + drain plug (drain is in flat part of floor).

·         Removable floor boards and front storage box.

  • Additional sent of Pavati / Helfrich stainless steel oar locks with two-inch risers (2) – a $250 value.
  • Price-$11,500
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